KeeKee Bazile
JerrKelia L. Bazile, better known as KeeKee. KeeKee grew up in the big city of Rowlett, Texas, which is about 20 miles east of downtown Dallas. She is a former honor graduate from Sachse High School. KeeKee became involved in organized cheerleading in middle school and had dreams of following in her mother footsteps as a high school cheerleader, but it was easier said, than done. Pursuing her mission has not come without obstacles. Upon trying out as a freshmen cheerleader her dreams were almost shattered when she was denied the opportunity, because of the color of her skin. A year later after coming to grips with herself, she decided that she would try out again and not let anything get in her way. In 2008-2009 school year KeeKee became one of the first Black varsity cheerleader at Sachse High School, in Sachse, Texas and was nominated, The Most Outstanding Varsity Cheerleader. By the age of 17, JerrKelia L. Bazile is the author of two books, The Piercing That Changed My Life and The Color of My Skin. Believing in herself and strong determination is what keeps KeeKee focused on maximizing her potential and being the absolute best person she can be. She knows now and teaches others that you must think right to act right or you will produce negative consequences for yourself and the ones who love you the most. Currently, KeeKee attends the University of Houston and is a youth writer and motivational speaker. Through her writing and speaking skills she has helped better the lives of many of her peers and adults as well!
Cheerleading is what opened KeeKee's eyes to important issues that hinder the growth of Blacks and other minority students at Sachse high school. The Black students were omitted from participating in extra curriculum activities, nor given leadership roles. It wasn't long before she took notice, that African Americans and Hispanics students didn't receive scholarships equal to their White peers. Not only were minority students not awarded scholarships, the non Black Advanced Placement teachers never encourage their participation in those programs to help prepare them for college. Realizing this, KeeKee decided to establish a scholarship fund of her own.
She will give a minimum of a thousand dollars in scholarships to African Americans and other minority students that qualify. This scholarship will be funded out of KeeKee's own personal funds. KeeKee is thankful for her God given talents and encourage others to speak out and stand firm in what they believe in.